Roohi-Saba Rais is a lawyer by day and a freelance beauty writer by night. As a hardcore beauty junkie, she has developed a spectacular set of biceps carting around her giant sparkly make-up bag, bulging with the latest palettes, powders and primers.

Roohi is constantly on the prowl for products promising to pamper and enhance all in the name of beauty and is dedicated to sharing her findings with her readers to bring out the “bella puella” in us all.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 zara

    hey your last blog was really good, could do you one on stuff about hair for me please…my hairs getting damaged from all the heat:/, thanks!:D

    • Hey Zara, thank you for checking out my blog :o) Yes, I’ll do something on hair conditioning treatments for frazzled hair – I have been testing some out recently :o)) xxx

  2. Hi!! I saw your page in Health and Fitness (september) and was interested by your story!! i am currently enjoying your blog!! Congratulations

  3. 4 Ruth Turner

    I too saw you in Health & Fitness! Great blog. How did you get in the mag?

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