Why? Why? Why?


Japan: the country that spawned the genesis of the bird-dropping facial and the LED flashing

eyelashes has come up with another genius beauty trend: the temporary tooth tattoo.

I forgot to brush my teeth...oops no, sorry, I just got myself a rather fetching tooth tattoo

The latest bonkers craze being sported by young girls in Tokyo allows a pattern (common themes seem to be rhinestones or butterflies) to be glued onto your pearlies under an LED light. The tattoo lasts for a few days after which they can be washed off. Reports from Japan describe how young fashionistas are colour coordinating their teeth bling with their nails, all in the name of fashion.

Annie from Bridesmaids reveals her own version of the temporary tattoo

Personally, I think it looks unhygenic and a little tasteless. It’s doubtful that the craze will take off in the UK, where most of us are concerned with keeping our pearlies as white and as straight as possible..never mind plastering them with a Hello Kitty stencil to match our nails. I mean, why would we want to look like our molars are saving a little something something to chomp on later?

Another problem with the tooth tattoo, for those not aware of the “artform” (which would be around 99.9% of the population) is that, to recognise and appreciate it for what it is, would require getting up real close and personal to the tattooeesurely such a temporary tattoo, resembling from a distance, a stray clump of spinach  (*shudder*) or a series of migrating berry seeds in a remarkably straight line, would not be conducive to any kind of up-close-and-personal activity…

Jaws: the Grandaddy of teeth bling

I am sure that Jaws, Bond villain and grandaddy of teeth bling would be less than impressed with this half hearted lame attempt at self-expression by the Japanese. What do you think?


One Response to “Why? Why? Why?”

  1. 1 Claire

    I like the ladybird tattoo in the photo…its cute!! Dont think I’d be brave enough to wear it though..and am sure it would be a constant source of amusement for the bf…!

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