Queen of Mugshots 2011









Miss El Paso 2008’s  sticky fingers have got her into trouble with the law! 


Lorena Tavera, 21, was caught stealing a $69 shirt from a Dillard’s store (think Debenhams) in Texas. Looking at her mugshot, I couldn’t help but think how pretty she looks with very little make-up on*.

It got me thinking about other celebs busted in the past, who haven’t looked quite so…ermmm…how can I put it…photogenic, in front of the camera **

Check out the gallery below… 


 Mischa Barton looking less OC and more ACDC

  What’s that saying Yasmin Bleeth?  “Body out of Baywatch, Face out of Crimewatch…?” 

 I think La Lohan has got used to the drill  now…


Nicole Richie

Michelle Rodriguez looking Lost

Paris Hilton – always camera ready 


* please note that I do not condone any kind of stealing

** except for Ms Paris Hilton of course


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