Bling it on, baby



 Channel your inner diva and set off your perfect summer tan with these gorgeous 22 Carat Nail Wraps from Rebel Nails.

The latest trend in nail art – nail wraps – are now the premier fashion accessory and worn by countless celebrities (think Katy Perry’s smurf-themed nails, Gaga’s chequered nails in her Just Dance video). They are a fun, fuss-free way to achieve a glamorous, A-list celebrity manicure in a matter of minutes.

 Rebel Nails is the UK’s leading brand for nail art.  The beautiful blinging 22 Carat wraps will be the first from the Limited Edition Ritzy Nails collection, available for fingers and toes. The wraps are self-adhesive, thin, tabs that can be applied to natural, acrylic or gel nails in up to 10 minutes; all you need is nail polish remover, a nail file, and a hairdryer: 

1. Clean the nail by washing your hands in warm water or using nail polish remover

 2. Select the right sized wrap from the range

3. Peel off the protective backing and blast the wrap with a hairdryer for 10 seconds until the edges starts to curl

 4. Smooth onto the nail taking care to eliminate any creases

 5. If the wrap’s too long, fold over the edge and file away the excess

And if you get bored with the colour or fancy a change, the wraps are easily removeable – just lift from the side and peel away. Simples!


Rebel Nails 22 Carat Nail Wraps £14.95 will be available online in September  here


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