Luscious Lashionista, Part I: Natural Beauty


How to grow long, lustrous, lashes

Open the covers of any celebrity magazine and they are everywhere. Eva Longoria adores them, Kim Kardashian is rarely papped without them, Georgia May Jagger stirred up a storm when she wore them for Rimmell last year. Cheryl Cole is even said to sport several sets at once.

I’m talking about their eyelashes of course. Long, luscious lashes that look like they could blow you away with a single flutter, lashes that frame the eyes and brighten the face.

But it is common knowledge that celebrities have a whole plethora of tools at their disposal to give them the doe-eyed bambi look coveted by all and asunder; the market is flooded with eyelash extensions, volume-boosting mascaras and eyelash growth enhancers. Britons spent an estimated £192 million on mascara alone last year, up almost eight per cent on the year before.

While these tools are amazing for that extra va va voom, why not boost listless lashes naturally?

The secret? Olive oil.

Olive oil is rich in high levels of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, both well known for their moisturising properties. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant, which is fabulous for hair growth. Olive oil stimulates lash growth by conditioning and protecting the lashes and strengthening and nourishing the follicle.


But not all olive oil is the same: extra virgin olive oil is considered to be the best grade being the least-processed of all olive oils. Described as natural olive juice, extra virgin olive oil maintains the highest levels of Vitamin E and antioxidants.

I first discovered the wonders of olive oil at school. Lala, (no, not a teletubby but a beautiful Sri Lankan school friend), used to have the shortest, stubbiest lashes. That was, until, her Grandmother showed her an old Sri-Lankan remedy; she religiously applied olive oil to the underside of her lashes every night using a cotton bud; she now has lashes that would banish a bleating bambi to the backwaters. Just beautiful.

I have been using olive oil ever since Lala told me that story and I clapped eyes on her long inky lashes. While I have not seen an increase in thickness, I certainly cannot deny that my eyelashes have grown longer and silkier. I have also found Vaseline and castor oil have the same effect, and most days I don’t need to wear mascara.

If it has worked for Lala and for me, it can work for you too. You won’t be able to stop batting your lashes everywhere you go.

Look out for Luscious Lashionista, Part II in which I will be discussing the fabulousness (and perils!) of eyelash extensions.


2 Responses to “Luscious Lashionista, Part I: Natural Beauty”

  1. 1 C T Sood

    Wonderful advice! Having searched for months for a natural technique for eyelash growth, this is absolutely perfect.

    Have already started this regime and will continue applying oil to my lashes every night…goodbye extensions!

  2. 2 Clare

    Thank you! I have been using olive oil religiously for the past three weeks and it has already made a difference!! Looking forward to reading about the eyelash extensions! xxx

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